Our Team

Jeff Kuhn

Queen City Wheel House’s shop manager, Jeff has always enjoyed working on mechanical things. “There’s a tremendous sense of satisfaction gained in troubleshooting and repairing a bike because often they can be rebuilt to a better-than-new condition,” he says. One of the things Jeff likes best is helping get more kids on bikes to get them away from the computer, get outside and connect with neighborhood friends.  

Matt Sanders

Queen City Wheel House’s assistant manager and mechanic says the two best things about bicycles are: 1) They are one of the healthiest forms of transportation, with little risk to injury if done properly; 2) In a world where the climate has changed irreversibly and will continue to change if left unchecked, bicycles stand out as a great means of emission-free recreation and transportation. Helping people get on wheels, removing unnecessary scrap around Helena and providing an alternative source for affordable bicycles: Count him in!

Becca Heaton

Queen City Wheel House’s digital gal, Becca loves helping get more people on bikes. “I still remember when I got my first bike with a flower banana seat and basket in front and how happy it made me,” she says. When she’s not helping answer emails and questions on how to donate bikes and parts or get to the shop and try out a bike, Becca is out mountain biking or hiking the beautiful trails around Helena.  

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